Monday, February 08, 2010

I Must Just Be A Poor Guesser

Mr. Schmitty and I don't get out much. Babysitters are hard to come by and money is tight. Like us, many of our friends and neighbors are in the same boat.

So, instead of everyone hanging out in front of their own televisions on a Saturday night, we've all decided to get together periodically for game night.

Our game of choice has been Pictionary.

As the children watch the adults make fools of themselves by displaying their victory dances in the faces of their opponents after a win. And as they witness the loud laughter and obnoxious taunting that takes place between the two teams, they begin to whine, "We want to play!!"

A few nights ago, I visited the local Toys R Us and purchased Pictionary Junior.

Hooray for mom!

Mr. Schmitty was scheduled to work an all-nighter. I was to be home alone with the kids all night. What a perfect time to break out the new board game.

As is customary, the teams were girls vs. the boys.

R. was doing pretty well with guessing my drawings. I was actually getting pretty lucky and getting mostly animals, which no matter how poorly drawn, were simple enough to figure out.

Next came my daughter's turn to draw. Now, mind you, she is only 6. She is just beginning to read, so many clues needed to be whispered in her ear by W., as I sat with my fingers in my ears yelling, "La la la la la!"

She grabbed her pencil and the timer was flipped.

She drew a big black circle and colored it in. Then she added a teeny head and some legs.

"A bug!" I yelled. She smiled and shook her head.

"A beetle!" "An ant!" She kept shaking her head.

"A Ladybug!!" Her smile grew and I threw my hand up to give her a high five.

"Time's up!" Shouted W. "Mom, that's not a ladybug, that's not even close to what she had to draw!"

I looked at him, quite puzzled.

"She had to draw a raisin!"
I looked at R. and asked, "Why did you put a head and legs on a raisin?"

"I drew a ladybug."

"But you HAD to draw a raisin."

"Well, I didn't want to, I wanted to draw a ladybug!"

After explaining that she needed to draw what the clue was, we continued.

A few rounds later, it was R.'s turn to draw again. The timer was flipped and she began. I looked down and saw this:

"A cloud!" "Smoke!" "Steam!" "Black!" "Gray!"

She just kept shaking her head.

"Time's up!"

"R. what was it?" I asked.

"A black widow spider!"

A raisin she gives a head and legs but a spider? Nah, THAT she decides doesn't need any.


Baloney said...

Ha. She'd get along great with my 6 year old. :)

Lainey-Paney said...

Oh, toooooo funny.
We just LOVE board games with our friends...
You need to pick up "Catch Phrase". It's so much fun!

meleah rebeccah said...

Awwww. That was so cute!!! I love family Game Night!


I love it. I laughed til I cried. We too have always had family night. I have experienced much the same treatment over the years.

Bonnie the Boss said...

Too cute!

Angel said...

LMAO!!! Classic:)

Liz@thisfullhouse said...

Well, our raisins have heads and legs [checks expiration date] um, never mind.