Sunday, December 06, 2009

Family Funnies

I was standing in the bathroom, trying to apply enough makeup to look half way decent, when in came my shadow, otherwise known as my daughter.

She plopped down on the closed lid of the toilet and said, in a most normal conversational way, "Mom. T. told me that my breath sucks."


Last year W. had to learn all of the state capitals. T. came across the flash cards we used and began to quiz W. to see if he still remembered them.

W. began really well, he quickly rattled off each capital. His voice was getting louder and more excited with each card that T. flipped toward him.

Suddenly he started to answer incorrectly. He was clearly getting frustrated, much to T.'s amusement.

T., who was turning over the cards, faster and faster, showed the "Lincoln" card for the state of Nebraska.

W.'s reply?



The Christmas cards began to roll in this week. I usually let the kids open them. They get so excited, especially by the photo cards. They love to see the faces of our friends and family.

The other day, R. was opening a batch and she said, "WOW! Mommy look at this family! It's so big!"

I glanced at the card and said, "Honey, that's the Baby Jesus and the Manger scene."


Dawn said...

OMG! Those were great!!

Love the Baby Jesus one!! too funny!

Baloney said...

HA! One big happy family.

The Fritz Facts said...

I love it! The last one I think is my favorite...

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

That is a big happy family with a new, special baby! Very funny!