Monday, November 09, 2009

They Worked Hard For The Money

My boys and their friend decided they wanted to earn some cash last weekend. Yes, I said EARN. My children, who haven't earned an allowance in months because they can't do a couple of simple chores without being pestered, were going to do some hard labor!

I'm as shocked as you.

They grabbed some rakes and began knocking on our neighbor's doors. Mr. P., who lives across the street, was their first taker (which was very sweet as he has a lawn service).

He told the kids that he would pay them $2.00 each to rake the front lawn. They accepted and jumped right in; putting their nose to the grindstone.

After about fifteen minutes, they knocked on Mr. P.'s door.

"Can we quit now?" They asked.

Mr. P. tried not to laugh and said, "What do you mean? You still have a lot to do!"

"But there are soooooo many leaves!"

My neighbor thought for a second and looked around at his yard. "You know, there are more leaves here than I originally thought. Tell you what, I'll give you $5.00 each if you can finish up."

The thought of more money gave the boys the boost they needed to begin again.

Another thirty minutes went by and Mr. P. heard another knock at his door.

"We're done!"

Mr. P. stepped out on his walkway and noticed that the boys had only raked from his front steps forward. They had missed the side of the house to his back fence.

"What about that?" He asked.

"Your front yard is only over here," W. said as he gestured with his finger.

"Sorry guys, that's part of it too."

Knowing that he was right, the boys reluctantly picked up their rakes again. Mr. P., who was getting quite a kick out of the whole situation, once again went into his house.

At about this time, Mr. Schmitty peeked at them from our front window. He caught W. trying to rake the leaves under a bush. He shouted for him to knock it off.

At least the boy was creative.

Knock. Knock.

Mr. P. answered the door again.

"NOW, we are done!" The boys exclaimed.

"Wow! That was fast!"

"V. let us in on the secret!"

"What secret?"

"Use a leaf blower!"

Apparently, V. was feeling badly for the boys and came out to give them a hand. I told you he was a keeper!


sam {temptingmama} said...


Now that's smart.

When I have to rake the leaves I am ALWAYS asking if we're done yet. LOL

The Fritz Facts said...

Now that is a wonderful neighbor, to give the boys the tips like that.

I also ask if we are done, hate raking!

Lainey-Paney said...

Man! I wish I had some neighborhood kids to do my leaves. I'd pay them each $20 to do my yard!