Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I Don't Write, I Don't Comment, I Don't Read....Yet, You Still Love Me!

I have been missing from the Blogosphere lately. I haven't written in over two weeks. I haven't answered emails and I haven't returned comments. I haven't read blogs. Well, except for Cake Wrecks, Craftastrophe, and People of Walmart, 'cause I like looking at the pictures, and they are as funny as hell.

Now, I could lie and say that I've been in the Witness Protection Program after blowing the whistle on these companies for ripping us off.

I could say that I damaged my typing finger on my keyboard trying to hit the, now absent, letter B (thanks kids!). And you might just believe me because I do like to use the words Bitch and Bastard a lot, so the letter B is essential to my existence.

I could say my addiction has gotten the best of me and I had to begin outpatient treatment right after I managed my Cafe and tended to my Farm.

But none of those explanations are the reason I have been scarce around here. The real reason mind has gas. Major, MAJOR gas. I have been having nothing but brain farts and quite honestly, it's not pretty. I can barely form a complete sentence. Life has been flying by at supersonic speed just dealing with the kids and THEIR lives. Because as you know, being a parent, I don't have one of my own.

And maybe it is this missing B button's really pissing me off. May*e I'll stop using it all together.


Even though I have *een all STILL love me. You do, you really, REALLY do! I've received two awards in my a*sence.

First is from a girl I wish I knew IRL. I wished she lived in my neigh*orhood. I think we might *e really, REALLY great friends. It is the wonderful and *eautiful *aloney from That's *aloney! She has *estowed onto me this *est Blog Award! Thank you!!

Next is Krystal from Tap That Mom. I do *elieve she and I are long lost sisters. We seem to have the same sense of humor and try to laugh at the craziness of raising kids. She has given me the Spreader of Love Award. Thank you sweetie!

Now, to spare you an awfully long post today, I will *e passing on these awards tomorrow. Plus then I actually have something else to write about. Heh.

Thanks again my lovelies!! MUAH!

*insert the letter that comes after A and *efore C at each asterisk.


The Fritz Facts said...

We do miss you.

I know what you mean about facebook, it's like crack at times. Drives me nuts...oh I have a coconut

sam {temptingmama} said...

Glad you're back!! I've really missed you! XOXOXO

Leslie said...

I had never seen People of Walmart before. It's funny, but I'm afraid to laugh because, what if I'm on there somewhere? Looks like I better start wearing a bra when I go out now. Dammit.

Patois said...

You *e so damn funny.

Baloney said...

*etween your farm and my *ejeweled it's amazing we get anything done.
Why do you have to live so far away? I think we could have a lot of fun hanging out. :)

marymac said...

I am soooo 2000 and late coming by to say thank you for reading Pajamas and Coffee and that I am glad I could introduce the word 'fucktarded' into your vocabulary and that I love you and love your blog.

Sylvia said...

I love people of walmart! Since my friend introduced me to the site, I've been quite aware of what I'm wearing. At least with a sweatshirt you can hide most of it!
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