Tuesday, April 07, 2009

My Klutz

Recently, T. went to a gymnastics party to celebrate a classmate's birthday. The local place does a really great job with the young kids. They start off with warm-ups and then an obstacle course is set up for them to maneuver.

The kids line up and follow each other through tunnels, over mats, and across balance beams. The instructors teach them how to do somersaults and bounce up from their butts on the trampoline. The grand finale is to hang from the rings; only to drop, laughing hysterically, into a pit of foam blocks.

As the party-goers have their fun, parents can watch from a loft on one side of the gym. As I watch T. scurry about, I am amazed at how agile he seems to be. I mean, this is a child who, since his first steps, has repeatedly tripped over his own two feet. He is completely accident prone and falls at least once or twice a day. He falls up stairs. He falls down stairs. He runs into walls. He bumps his head on his bunk bed. He's clumsy and knows it.

So, imagine my surprise when I was leaving the party and was stopped by one of the moms at the front desk.

"Yes, this is T.'s mom!" She enthusiastically said to the instructor who had run the party.

"Hi! Has T. ever taken gymnastics before?" He asked me.

"No, never, why?" I questioned, totally curious to where the conversation was going.

"Wow. I'd LOVE to have him on my boy's team. He's very talented!"

"Um--really?!" I said with a giggle.

"Absolutely, please think about it."

I was dumbfounded because I worry every time he goes out to play. I always want to wrap him in bubble wrap or dress him like this:

I guess you just never know!


The Fritz Facts said...

I swear he and Boo are the same kid. She hit her head on the door knob tonight...THE DOOR KNOB! I don't even know how one does that, but she did it. She falls up stairs too, but then so do I! lol

How great that he has a gift for it! Is he going to do it???

Mary@Holy Mackerel said...

No, you never know.

I wrap my son up in bubble wrap as well, but somehow, he still gets hurt.

Natalie said...

a turkish gymnast said the same thing about my son when he was younger. i saw how they trained those turkish kids though. scary! well at least at the gym where we observed the classes. they were preparing them for the olympics i think. it was too much for him. and for me! here in the states they are much more into making it fun for the kids. i'm so glad. unfortunately my son is now 13 and gymnastics is the last thing he wants to do. he would be so good at it though!

Fiona said...

my daughter just took her first gymnastics class today ... so cute watching them and I was amazed at how much they learn! Will he do it? I think gymnastics is great for kids!

Anonymous said...

LMAO @ the outfit. My kids are ridiculously accident prone. I think it may be hereditary.

Baloney said...

Yeah - um... that never happens here. No one ever recruits them!
My kids will have training wheels on their bikes til their dying day.

This Mom said...

My oldest boy is a klutz but gymnastics had been GREAT for him. He has excelled in it as well and he his less of a klutz. I think it has made him more aware of his body.

Laura said...

what a photo!

they never cease to surprise us, eh?

Bonnie the Boss said...

That is cool! So did you sign him up? If you ever saw my cute daughters body, she is always covered in bruises. No, not from me. She just seems to careen through life. I think the ones on her shins are permanant.

EE said...

That's awesome.
We were so afraid that our son would never find his sports niche, until we discovered Tae Kwon Do.
If he enjoys gymnastics, I say go for it!