Monday, March 30, 2009

Meet Robin

This is Regifting Robin. I was introduced to her today in my email. She resides here and she has a little game for you to play.

I must warn you that she may drive you slightly batty. If you are like me, you will play again and again, all the while trying to outwit her.

But you can't. It is impossible. She WILL prevail each and every time. (Unless of course, you can't subtract a single digit from a double digit accurately. Then you are just dumb, like me, who swore I had prevailed. That is until I realized that 16 - 7 does NOT equal 8.)

So, I stopped trying to win (and do basic math) and took a look at the whole picture. I figured out the trick. It's quite simple actually.

Can you see it?


Scout's Honor said...

Funny. I was getting all freaked out until my engineer math geek of a husband pointed out from the other room that every answer possible was a factor of nine. Sigh. Now I saw the prizes changed each re-play, but they were all the same if they were a factor of nine. Not freaky. Math. grrrr... My husband ruined it.

Megryansmom said...

I got it, but not before my phone rang at 6:57 am. WTF would eBay be calling me at 6:57 am!!

Karly said...

Yeah, Robin's a genius. She got my gift everytime. Then again, if you do fifty numbers on each game and look at the answers for all of them? They are the same. So, maybe Robin is just a CHEATER.

Patois said...

I go with cheater!