Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dear Tarjay,

You are my favorite of all stores. I do heart you. However, I am downright upset and frustrated with you at the moment.

Two weeks ago I was happily perusing your lovely aisles. Something I do quite often. I had a small list of items I needed to purchase that day, though I never leave you without a few extra goodies thrown in for good measure.

There was the Transformers birthday present, along with card and gift bag. Some cute Valentine's Day socks I bought for R. They were in the $1 section, no less! She and I were both thrilled.

I rifled through the sock bin, looking for her size. As I was thinking of her feet, it dawned on me that she had grown out of her snow boots from the year before. The shoe department was my next stop.

I hated the idea of having to buy boots, as the past few years have yielded only small amounts of the white stuff, but I also didn't want to be caught off guard. I needed something to keep my little girl's feet toasty and dry.

I started going up and down the aisles of girl's shoes. Sneakers, sandals, and flip flops. Hmmm, maybe I missed them. I retraced my steps. More flip flops, oh and swim shoes. I looked across the way, bathing suits and terry cover ups, as far as the eye could see.

Not one stinking pair of boots. NOT.ONE!

I know people go on vacation in the winter. Most go to warm, tropical places. I know they may need a swimsuit or two. Maybe a new pair of slip-on shoes.


It is neither warm nor tropical here. It's freaking cold out. It's snowy, icy, and wet. I should be able to buy my daughter a pair of snow boots.

I can't wait for summer either, but please, can you at least wait until March next time?

Yours truly,

Mrs. Schmitty


Queen-Size funny bone said...

it really is ridiculous that nothing is seasonal.

Jill said...

That drives me nuts!! But I have to say I'm surprised that with four aisles of girls shoes, they couldn't squeeze in a few pairs of boots. Are all Targets like that? Do little girls really need that many shoes? And why do the boys only get Transformer and Spider Man sneakers, with a errant pair of docksiders thrown in for good measure.

Hey! I might have to write my own letter to target!!

♥georgie♥ said...

This happened to me last week....soooooo aggrevating!!!

Leigh said...

Seriously......what is with the swimsuits?

Patois said...

On the upside, darling Tarjay, my daughter desperately needed new swimsuits and you had them. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

(Ignore Mrs. Schmitty as she is cranky quite a lot.)

Jen said...

Aurgh! That's so annoying! We won't have swimsuit weather here for another 4 or 5 months yet our local Target also has miles upon miles of swimsuts. We'll be out of luck if we need any replacement winter gear too because that's all gone now. It really irks me.

Trenches of Mommyhood said...

I betcha Wal-Mart still has them. Tar-zhay must be catering to the upper crust folks who can afford winter vacays to the tropics.

Karly said...

Dude, my son lost his gloves and HAS NOT HAD ANY FOR THE PAST TWO WEEKS because Wal-Mart thinks it's effing summer. WTF? And scarves? No scarves ANYWHERE.

Bonnie the Boss said...

I hate that you can never find what you want when you want it. You have to try and anticipate whether the kids are going to fit things from the year before, and stupid stuff like that!

Midwest Mommy said...

Oh I am so feeling you. In Novemeber, NOVEMBER! the Hubs wanted a pair of boots to go sledding with BG. TarJay informed us that they had already sold out of their supply for the season and weren't getting in anymore. NOVEMBER! Good thing they have the 100 different bikinis out though.

Mrs4444 said...

On the bright side, when Kendall needed a new swimming suit for gym class (the next day at school), we were able to find one! Beyond that, though, I find this stuff annoying, too!