Friday, September 19, 2008

Don't Make Me Shake It!

Okay, first my daughter gets all silly over her first crush. And by the way, you should see the two love birds after school. As "Zaaaaacaaaary's" mom and I wait for the older kids to get dismissed, the two of them swoon over one another. It's SO cute!

Remember how W. came home from school back in June and declared that he had a girlfriend? He didn't even have to wait until 5th grade! Well, said girlfriend wasn't seen all summer. One day I asked him if M. was still his girlfriend and he said, "Well, mom, she felt kind of weird dating, so we're just friends now."

So adorable. Giggle.

Today he came home from school and told me that he has a NEW girlfriend.

"Oh yea? What's her name?"

"O. And two other boys in my class asked her to be their girlfriend and she said no. I said to her, If I ask you to be my girlfriend what would you say? And she said YES!"

"Wow! You go boy!" He's so competitive. Giggle.

A while later he asked to use the phone.

"Um, no, you are grounded." I said.

"But I want to call my girlfriend." The cuteness is starting to wear off.

"Listen bud, first of all you are grounded, second of all, you don't need to be chatting away on the phone with O. You saw her all day in school, you'll see her Monday."

He got a silly grin on his face. "Mom, we are getting to the kissing part."

HUH?! Okay, not cute at all.

"No, you aren't! Quite honestly you are too young for a girlfriend and more importantly you are too young for kissing!"

"Only on the cheek mom!"

"NO! I'm sure her parents wouldn't appreciate it. Do you understand?" [feeling faint at the thought]


He turned and started up the stairs. "Oh, and I asked her to the 5th grade Social next week. She's my date!" And he ran to his room before I could answer.

Well, that's okay, I'm chaperoning! I've already got him nervous because I told him that when a good song comes on I'm going to yell from across the gym, "Hey sweetie, come dance with MAMA!!" as I shake my big old bum toward the dance floor.

All I'll have to do is remind him of that and he'll be on his BEST behavior!


Andrea's Sweet Life said...

Oh my goodness... I can just imagine the look on his face when you start shaking your booty!

Natalie said...

this made me smile. thinking about my son and what he would do in the same situation. nice word picture!

The Fritz Facts said...

I would be the mom that would embarrass her child, definitly.

I love elementary school crushes. They are so sweet.

georgie said...

LOL...I always chaperone the beans dances they HATE it!!!! they love it when I sub but not the chaperoning part go figure...beans ...whats one to do?

Jill said...

Oh lord, I can't even imagine what I will do when Rocco starts talking about kissing. And school dances? I am totally going to be the nerdy parent chaperone (not that you're nerdy or anything... but.. you know) :-)

Jyl @ MommyGossip said...

Oh! No! Mine are 7 and 5 and I am sooooo not prepared for the kissing phase. I am sure I have quite a while, but time seems to fly by faster and faster these days.

Cutest story!

BTW: Thanks for your comments over on my blog. I always love hearing from my bloggy friends. And, your site always makes me giggle.

Enjoy a terrific weekend.

Mrs. Schmitty said...

Andrea: He knows his mama! As long as he behaves I won't have to bust a move!

Natalie: Why thank you!

The Fritz Facts: It's the best part of parenting!

Georgie: You HAVE to chaperone, how else can you know what's going on? The kids aren't going to tell you!

Jill: Oh I can be nerdy when I want to...I'm actually a giant kids have a love/hate relationship with my craziness sometimes.

JYL: I'm never going to be ready for it...not EVER. I'm glad I can make you giggle, thank you, that is the greatest compliment you can give me!

Mrs4444 said...

That's awesome. Your son's story (from last year) totally mirror's Kendall's when she was in 5th grade. She finally said "yes" to "going out" with him, but they did not see each other or communicate in any way for three months. Come fall, she had to "break up with" him, because she decided she didn't want a boyfriend. Strangely, he was very upset and harassed her in school all the next year as a result. "See, Kendall?" I told her. "Boys aren't worth the trouble." She agreed. :) (sorry for writing so much!!)

Tricia said...

I'm putting this in my file of things to remember for when my little guy gets older...

meleah rebeccah said...

Oh boy. My 12 year old is in his REAL kissing stage.

God Help Me.

Jennifer H said...

Not ready for this!

My son is in 4th grade, and there have been no rumblings of girls or I'll have my ear to the ground, though...

georgie said...

ok ok just checkin in on ya...I saw your hot blog calender pic ad ummm you are sooooo the hawtest...sorry deb and jill!

EE said...

LOL! I am so going to use that "come dance with Mama" line. I'm chaperoning my 8th graders first social in a few weeks...heh heh!

Tiddly Inks said...

Okay, I officially love your blog...I have been snickering out loud at your hilarious stories!!!!

I would so love to watch you do that to your poor son. Post pictures if you do!!! LOL

I'll be back!

Bidelia said...

You write very well.