Thursday, June 05, 2008

A Day Of Beauty

I took Cindy to the salon today because she was unable to get there by herself. It was the grand opening of a small place owned and run by a brother and sister team. It was quaint and had a real homey feel to it.

When we arrived, we walked in to a jammed, packed waiting room. I recognized many of the faces sitting patiently, awaiting their turn with the stylist. I thought to myself that I couldn't recall ever really conversing with any of them.

We sat after Cindy was checked in and waited. Looking around I noticed that this lot was in bad shape. They were all in desperate need of a makeover. Most were quite disheveled.

Suddenly the female partner of the salon emerged from the back. She was taking the next client in to see the stylist, her brother.

Each time she escorted another woman, the routine was the same. She would walk over and say, "Hello and welcome. My brother will see you now." As she headed toward the sink for shampooing, she would announce to her brother the style of haircut the client was to receive.

The gorgeous redhead was to receive, "A trim, please."

The beauty with the raven hair, "Bangs."

The brunette with waist-length hair was going bold with, "To her shoulders!"

Finally, it was Cindy's turn. She was taken to the sink and given a thorough cleaning. She then received the haircut of her life.

After Cindy unveiled her newly coiffed do, the sister approached me. She smiled and asked, "How about you? Would you like a haircut?"

I looked at the heads of the ladies around me.

I hollered (in my head), "Heeeelllllllzzzzz NO!" as I jumped up and ran for the door with a giggling T. and R. fast on my heels!


Zephra said...

I hope this was a joke cause...damn!

Leigh said...

To cute!

Bonnie said...

I can't stop laughing.Tooo funny.
Did this really happen?

EE said...

You almost had me!!!!

jakelliesmom said...

Oh my goodness, now that's just plain funny.

jenijen said...

this totally made my day! i hope they did not catch you :)