Saturday, May 03, 2008

Girls Are As Good As Boys!

While driving to pick up T. from preschool on Friday, W. starts up a conversation from the back of the van.

"Hey mom, guess how much extra time we got at recess today."

I ask, "I don't know, how many more minutes?"

"Ten. We normally get 40 minutes but today we got 50."

"Wow, that's great. Why? Good behavior?" I say, thinking that was probably a long shot.

"Nope, because of the foul odor."

"Foul odor? What foul odor?"

"The one that filled up the whole 4th grade hall. The one that came from the bathroom!"

"Ewwww. So, one of the guys stopped up the boy's room toilet, huh?"

"NO! It was the girl's room. One of them took a big dump, I didn't know girls could do that!"

"Do what? Stop up the toilet?"

"No, take a big dump!"

It's not just a boy's sport anymore!


Zephra said...

We girls do it but don't take as much time as the a guy.

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

Zephra, that is because we learn to multi-task at a young age! ;)

My 3-year-old "little" girl takes adult size dumps. I've actually had to call my husband into the bathroom to witness one before flushing.

EE said...


EE said...

He obviously hasn't been to my house!!!

Day Dreamer said...

LOL....yeah...we're goood!