Sunday, April 20, 2008

Some Abuse For My Birthday

"Mom, who was the first person born on earth?" asked my inquisitive T.

"Well, Adam and Eve were the first humans created by God...." I began to reply.

T., cutting me off in mid-sentence asks, "Was it you?"

Once you turn 41, it's all downhill.

Little stinker.


BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

OUCH! That hurts.

Happy Birthday! :)

Bottles Barbies & Boys said...

Sounds like something my 7 year old would say, before I killed her!

Queen Goob said...

Thank goodness we love our kids or they wouldn't be long on this earth, huh?

Happy Birthday! My son turned sixteen on the 17th and my daughter turned fifteen on the 19th. April is a good month and you guys have a great birthstone, too.

Karen Sugarpants said...

ROFL! outta the mouths of babes, right? Happy birthday!

Super B's Mom said...

HAHA That cracks me up.

Stinkin' kids... :P

EE said...

sounds like your kids and my kids should get together! happy birthday!!