Sunday, April 06, 2008

Kids, please dial 911

The kids had me hopping yesterday. My 9 year old niece, C., was staying with us for the day and she was also spending the night. Mr. Schmitty was working, so I was in charge of my brood, C., and a neighbor's kid.

It was a gorgeous day. It was sunny and warm. The kids were really good and we had a fun time.

I just wish I faced facts that I'm not 20 anymore!

I.AM.A.FORTY.ALMOST.FORTY.ONE.YEAR.OLD.WOMAN! I am also twice the woman I was when I was 20, literally!

I played basketball against W. I did pretty good, I must say. I was always an athletic girl, back in the day, so I held my own against my 9 year old. I guess I was feeling pretty spry because then I took to racing the kids.

We were to race down the sidewalk to the neighbor's driveway and back. I started running, and well, any of you that have pushed babies out, might understand this, I almost peed myself. I had to stop before I completely left a puddle on the cement. Plus the ankles weren't feeling too great with the force of my weight bearing down on them like that.

I stuck to being the, "on your mark, get set, go" person.

After the racing was over, I spied my son's skateboard. Fool, I know you are thinking, and ye shall be correct! I told myself, "I'll just take it slow, it will be fine. No fancy stuff, I'll just step on it with one foot and push a little."


Need I tell you that my completely stupid attempt could have ended with very tragic results!

Thank goodness I have enough junk in my trunk to cushion that fall! I just hope the neighbors didn't see, I'm afraid I'm going to wind up on YouTube.


Zephra said...

That would be why I don't skate anymore. My motto "Fat chick should not strap wheels to their feet and expect to stay upright".

Laura said...

if it is on video - you could win $$ - I think there is still shows where you send in funny clips...

Glad you were not hurt - or completely embarrassed!

smizzo said...

Glad you survived. :) Despite the falling, it sounds like a great time was had by all.

Bonnie said...

Why do we think to atempt these things? I think it is an effort to fool ourselves. I tried the neighbors ripstick the other day. Needless to say it didn't go so well. I like you is around 40 and not a size 2. Sad thing is I want to try again when the kids aren't looking. You can just say duh now.

Maria said...

I used to love to roller skate but now I think that the sight of me would be a little um...distressing to some.

Day Dreamer said...

I'm with you in every single aspect. I'm 40 this year, way heavier than I'll even admit anymore, and still I try to rollerskate? Do brain cells die as fat cells grow? Because I think I've killed a few!!!

This was a funny post!! (Happy you didn't land on any typing fingers!!!)

Grim Reality Girl said...

Thank you. "I started running, and well, any of you that have pushed babies out, might understand this, I almost peed myself." Enough said.

Glad you were not hurt, hope you make money on the video, glad I am not alone basking in the fun that some reserve for children.

Queen Goob said...

Dadgumit, I just hung "wanted" posters around the office looking for a treadmill so I can start "exercising" again. I TOTALLY forgot about the incontinent thing!! I pee myself when I get excited at my kids sporting events; can you imagine what the floor of my bedroom will be if I jog an entire mile!?!?!

Momo Fali said...

This cracked me up! My sister always crosses her legs when she laughs...even when she's standing up! It's quite a sight!

Leigh said...

I fell, I mean feel ya, honey!