Monday, October 01, 2007

Jeff Dunham and Walter

Okay, I have just found my new favorite comedian! You have to watch's HILARIOUS! (I know it's one for the guys, but ladies, you know you find it funny too!)

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Zephra said...

This is my neighbors favorite comedian. he is so funny. I hope that i get to see him next time is comes to the local comedy club.

Michele said...

Oookay, now I have to admit that was indeed funny. Yes, it definitely was a guy thing and my husband will eat this up with a vengeance when he comes home from work today [sigh] but it it was hilarious... good post.

Jessica said...

OMG I watched him the other night on Comedy Central. He is so funny. His other dummys are amazing. I think Walter is my favorite.

A Week In The Life of A Redhead said...

My son loves him and watches him on Comedy Central. He is so talented!
I think if you like him then you will also like the "mom's song" link on my latest posting on my blog Let me now what you think. I like your new site btw.
Catherine, the redhead

Day Dreamer said...

Oh, he came to our college a long time ago! We love the purple one, too! For years, my bff and I teased each other with 'want some GUM?' because of him. Hilarious!

You have GREAT taste!

Mom on Coffee said...

Oh God, he is my favorite too. I went and saw him the last time he was near this way. His new show is FREAKIN' FUNNY!

Jose' Jalepeno...on dee stick!