Sunday, May 06, 2007

I Didn't Forget About You Justice Fergie!

I was tagged earlier in the week by dear Justice Fergie at MamaLaw for a "What's In Your Purse" meme. I've been a bit of a slacker in the blogosphere this week. The weather has been GORGEOUS! But, I am going to oblige and do my part and pass along this fun meme....then I'm going out to play some more in the sun!

Here is my current purse. I was shopping in Target, my favorite store, and it caught my eye and I just HAD to have it. It's orange, my color of the moment. I don't carry a purse much, I must say. I usually only carry one when I am alone because I still carry a diaper bag with extra clothes for R. until she gets this potty training thing down.

I'm a neat freak with OCD that HAS to have everything in it's place. I NEVER have a messy purse, I can't function if it's disorderly. I must say though, I think I might need a BIGGER purse, this one is quite tight and barely snaps shut.

This is my wallet, actually it is more of a wristlet. As I said, I usually have more than my hands are willing to carry so I'd rather grab this and run. It holds a ton of stuff, even my cell!

I have 5 lip glosses/balms in my purse. Only one has a bit of color, the one on the right is L'Oreal's Colorjuice in Raspberry Smash, I have 2 Squeezy Lipsmackers; Pink Lemonade and Strawberry, and just realized I have a Lipsmackers gloss, also in Strawberry, and my favorite lip balm that I buy in bulk; Bath and Body Works Sparkling Melon. As you can see, I love flavored lip stuff! I also have the newest toenail polish for me and my gal R., it's OPI's Cajun Shrimp.

I am the world's biggest gadget freak. I GOTS to have my gadgets. Here I have my newest pink Razor cell, I say newest because my other new one slipped through my butter fingers and landed on the sidewalk. It cracked in 2 places, thank goodness for insurance! I also have my other new toy, my pink Kodak digital camera. I love taking pics of the kids, have thousands and though I already own a digital, I needed something a more compact to fit in my purse. I purchased this as a 40th birthday gift to myself after my horrible beginning to the 4th decade of my existence! The Dell DJ you see here is not usually in my purse, but I was planning on getting that darn blood work done, the blood work I keep forgetting to have done, and figured I'd need some tunes while I waited in the lab office. Lastly, I have a place for all of those pics I take of the kids. It is my Kodak viewfinder. This gadget is awesome! It's the size of a credit card and holds all of my recent images. No more carting around Mom's Brag Book! I wouldn't have room in that purse anyway!

Here are 2 of my business pens and my trusty datebook. Though I am one for having the most up-to-the-moment gadgets, I don't own a Blackberry. I prefer the old fashioned way of keeping appointments marked. Go figure. I also have here my absolute necessity, Purell hand-sanitizing lotion. I should have stock in it. The kids automatically stick there hands out to me the second they get into the car. They know mommy's getting rid of any germs they may have picked up on a shopping cart!

I almost forgot this stuff, it was tucked in the zippered compartment in the back of the purse. The ever present Tylenol, remember, I have 3 kids under the age of 8. The "female products", just in case. A pack of tissues for boogers and a pack of gum for bad breath. I also have a pack of matches. I don't smoke, but I needed to borrow matches from a neighbor one night. I decided to keep them in my purse so the kids didn't find them and burn the house down. I had the most horrible hiccups, so bad it felt like my rib cage was going to break in half and my heart was going to fall out on the floor. Somebody told me that lighting a match under your nose will stop them. I tried 3 times, and I guess the 3rd is the charm because they stopped. I guess it's the sulfur.

So, that's it. Boring stuff, nothing exciting here. Sorry, no ticket stubs to a male dance review, though I think I may have some singles left in the wristlet!

Now, it's my turn to tag. I choose, Kim, Valerie, Zephra, Jessica, and MamaLee! Have fun girls!


Oh, The Joys said...

Hmmm... I don't have a purse usually. I'm still moving around with a diaper bag.

Oscar Wilde said...
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Maria said...

You don't want to even see my purse with your neatness thing...

I mean it. There is stuff in there from years past.

But, we do share the same cell phone. I love my razorback.

Justice Jones said...

What a cool purse! And from Target too, neat.
I think I may need to invest in your photo thingy. I love showing people pics of my kids.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Target girl as well! Great bag and stuff- you are WAY too neat!

And thanks for tagging me - I just took pics of my purse and I'll be uploading everything later today - ya NUT!

Justice Fergie said...

hi mrs. schmitty!

thanks for not forgetting about me :) looove that purse by the way. isn't target wonderful?? and who knew there were squeezy lipsmackers. i think it's funny just how many of us "grownups" are carrying around flavored lipgloss. Chanel be damned.

oh and i feel you on the razr - i just got mine a couple weeks ago and i'm ALWYS dropping it. i hope it hangs in there 'cuz i'm not eligible for a new free phone until april 2009 baby.