Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A Tragic and Sad Day

I normally do not watch the news on television nor do I read the newspaper. I believe I stopped doing so when I had my first child. I became too sensitive to the ways of the world. I can't stand to hear about rapes, murders, molestation, and children missing or abused on a daily basis. It would be too much for me. I would completely obsess, more than I already do, about my children's safety. I am very over protective but try to give them space, reluctantly of course, so they don't feel smothered. Some may say I should cut the umbilical cord, I say, "Ummmff, I am here to protect my child, I will do what I find necessary."

But no matter how much your guard them, short of barricading them in your home, life can take a dramatic turn in an instant. That was exactly the case yesterday at Virginia Tech. I don't understand why or how another human being could harm another. It's not in my make up. It could have been. I grew up in an abusive home and I could have followed the cycle. Statistics say I should have. But when I look at my children the thought of ever harming them just turns my stomach. I just shake my head when I remember what I endured and can't fathom any type of excuse that could justify it.

I would like you all to do two things for me. One, I would like you all to say a prayer for the innocents who were killed or injured yesterday and their families and loved ones. Two, give your children a few extra hugs and kisses today.


Jen said...

I know that I sqeezed my babies extra tight yesterday.

My son's school started doing lockdown drills this year. On one hand I'm glad they're doing it so that everyone is prepared if the worst ever happens but on the other hand it makes me so sad that it's something they have to think about and prepare for at all. It's just so terrible and scary.

Zephra said...

Sometimes it is hard to remember to give your child that hug when they are pushing all of your buttons but we should. I too grew up an a bad home and endured a lot of crap. People like you and me...we take the right road and try to stop the cycle of violence. I wish we would all travel that road.

Maria said...

I was just thinking the exact same thing this morning on our way to take Liv to school. I kept thinking, "You drop them off and think everything is okay, will be okay, has to be okay. And one crazy person can just obliterate all those lives in one fell swoop."

It is so very awful.

DraMa said...

Done and done:) Great post.

I'm glad you didn't follow the natural statistic. You are a brilliant exception.

Justice Fergie said...

I am so with you on not watching the news. After I had Oldest I used to always be crying during the news and decided that I couldn't take it. Lately I started watching the Nightly News and that was ok (major stories, 30 mintues) but after Monday's tragedy I'm back on strike again. I was glued to the tv and hearing the story and seeing the images really made me sick to my stomach. Don't you wish there was a place we could run away to with our families that would keep them forever safe?