Tuesday, March 20, 2007

She'll be ready Simon, just you wait!

Last night Mr. Schmitty and I were watching TV in our room. The kids, we thought, were asleep. Well, the boys were, but I guess R. felt the need to sing. At first I wasn't sure what I was hearing so I hit the mute button. Then loud and clear coming from the darkness of her room we hear her.

"Twinkle star above the woooooorld"


"Twinkle little star, Itsy bitsy spider"


"I just don't know the words"

She's only 3 so I'm sure by American Idol 2020 she'll have it down pat!


Anonymous said...

How cute is THAT! My 4 year old makes up songs all the time. We need to get those things on video!

Maria said...

Amen. Some of my best moments are listening to Liv sing in the shower. I agree with Lee...we need to get these little bugs on tape.

The Green Family said...

So cute!

BlondeMom said...

So adorable! It's great when you "spy" on your kids and catch them doing something totally cute.