Sunday, March 25, 2007

Quit talking before it gets worse

Yesterday Mr. Schmitty was on his cell talking to a neighbor friend. They were planning their poker game for last night. Mr. Schmitty began to laugh and says into the phone, "I hear ya." After he hangs up I ask him what the, "I hear ya" meant.

"Oh D. (friend's wife) was just nagging J. (friend)."

"And what did J. say to make you laugh?"

"He said that no matter what he does, she's never satisfied."

"Um, okay, so you feel his pain?"


"I hear ya? I think that means you are having a bonding man moment."

"No, that's not what I meant."

Now, I'm trying to stifle my own laugh because he's just trying so hard to find a way out of this...he's sweating, I can see it on his brow.

"Well, don't you think he would take it that way. You know, I've been so much better since I started my Paxil. I'm not yelling at you or nagging."

"Yes! It's my fault now if you get annoyed."

"Listen honey, it's ALWAYS been your fault, the meds just make me not care as much!"


Maria said...

Bonding man moment? LOL

And, I love it when you watch them frantically trying to back pedal. I wonder sometimes if they know that we could do this with one hand tied behind our backs....

Anonymous said...


I love the sweaty brow.

Java Junkie said...

HAHAHAHA! Came across your blog via a comment on blondemomblog - SO glad I did, best giggle I've had all day!

Jo said...

LMAO it looks like you have a smart one!! My husband would have dug an even bigger hole from himself before just giving up!