Monday, February 12, 2007

Hello....Mr. President?

Today we got our new fiber optic cable television installed. It was the completion to the package of internet and telephone we got two weeks ago. Up until now the local "cable" company had a monopoly on all of this. We had no choice but to deal with their prices and less than adequate service. But a new day has dawned! Better prices, a CLEAR picture, fast internet, the works. I think I actually saw Mr. Schmitty foam at the mouth when the tech exclaimed, "There you go, all done!" I offered him a seat and though he wobbled a bit, he held his own.

Now, to deal with the old. A call to the "cable" company, whose name will remain undisclosed, left the Schmitty household listening to elevator music for at least twenty to thirty minutes. Mr. Schmitty had put the call on speaker for all to enjoy. This extension of the 800 number was the cancellation department. If you are on hold for that long to a cancellation department, well things aren't looking good for your stockholders. Though I must say, it IS looking quite good for the employees of that department and their job security. At last a voice, "Cancellation department, how may I help you?" Uh duh. I pipe up in the background, ""

For the NEXT ten minutes the customer service (hmpf) representative tried reeling Mr. Schmitty back in. Hubby kept rolling his eyes and repeating, "No, please just cancel my service." He was so calm. Me on the other hand kept saying, "Please, just give me the phone. Honey, please, just give ME the phone." He knew better. Finally I was getting fed up and said, "What the hell is the hold-up?" Mr. Schmitty said that the rep was trying to get him to stay with them while he was waiting for the computers to give him a final balance due. "See how slow your computers are? That's why we're leaving, maybe you should go fiber optic too!" I scream into the phone.

I know the schmoe was doing his job, I really get that, but c'mon already just cancel the damn account! I mean what do you have to do? Click on cancel? It was quite amusing. I had Mr. Schmitty laughing. Thank goodness the call was made before the huge glass of wine I just drank! Hee Hee, I can only imagine the outcome of that call. I'd probably be talking to the president of the company right now instead of typing this post!


Maria said...

I aspire to be a woman who speaks her mind like you do!

I'm always the one who has a hard time speaking up for myself. I can speak up for my kid, but for myself? I need lots of practicing in the mirror!

Surviving Motherhood said...

oh, the irony! Got to love that there computers weren't up to full speed.

'so why exactly are you canceling your account Mr S?'

'Well, duh'

Anonymous said...

Gotta love what a little alcohol can do to your confidence. Next time, drink 2 shots of tequila and call the company naked. Or let your hubby call while you belly dance for him while he's on the phone.

Where was I going with this?